Searching for an Engine – II

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I wrote to the creators of FreeFind. I use FreeFind on two sites, and have been happy with it. However, my sites will not validate at the W3C with FreeFind’s code. I’d like it to validate.

So, I asked advice of the brains behind the engine. My request was simple:

Subject: FreeFind code does not validate

Hi. Can you help me with your code so I can get it to validate at

Can you help me with your code so it will validate? I’d feel more comfortable using it with client sites, and recommending they purchase professional versions of FreeFind, if it did.

The response was underwhelming:

Hi Gary,

The search box is standard HTML. Feel free to modify it any way you like in order to pass whatever validation test you prefer.


Contrast this with the several emails I exchanged with David Wren at Wrensoft, creator of Zoom! search engine.  Wren responded to three emails when I told him I was evaluating search engines for a simple blog entry.  That’s support.

Sorry, Alan.