15 Ways to Leave Your Computer

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MS Vista screenshot

The horror stories from Microsoft’s new operating system, Vista, just keep coming in. This one is just weird.
Microsoft now gives you 15 — count ’em — 15 different ways to leave your computer. For all you Paul Simon fans, there’s got to be a song in there somewhere. From an article by Joel Spolsky:

Every time you want to leave your computer, you have to choose between nine, count them, nine options: two icons and seven menu items. The two icons, I think, are shortcuts to menu items. I’m guessing the lock icon does the same thing as the lock menu item, but I’m not sure which menu item the on/off icon corresponds to.

Do you know the difference between “hibernate” and “sleep” in the computer world? More power to you if you do. I don’t care.

I know MS Vista does not pass the “Mom” test. This one is too geeked-out even for me.

Read Joel’s full article and learn more about Microsoft’s Brave New World.