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Shire Enterprises, home of creative web design and computer consultation. Shire Enterprises is located in Park Forest, IL, owned and operated by Gary Kopycinski. Gary Kopycinski has been designing web pages for over ten years – a practice that began as a hobby and grew into a desire to learn and accomplish more. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Gary has been teaching high school since 1990. Active in his town, he is a member of several community groups and founder of one. He has served in public office as Trustee in Park Forest, IL. He is most proud of his son, James.

Gary honed his skills in the computer world on OS/2, which, unfortunately, has gone the way of the transistor radio. However, he maintains that it was a tremendous learning experience, a stable operating environment, that had little or no need for such things as anti-virus programs. OS/2 was a rock-solid operating system.

Proficient in Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXpress Passport, Gary designs for the Internet using Macromedia Studio 8, which includes industry standards Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Professional, Contribute, and Flash Paper.