Announces Expression Web Essential Training

Spread the love logoI use Dreamweaver at Shire Enterprises. Some of you, however, may wish to explore Expression Web, Microsoft’s version of web design software. I understand it’s a step or two above Frontpage. I don’t understand the popularity of Frontpage for web design. In my book, it’s just a step or two above publishing pages from Microsoft Publisher or directly from Microsoft Word.

But Expression is supposed to be better, and I do have a place in my heart for Always quality at

At any rate, here’s the news from BusinessWire:

OJAI, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, the company specializing in self-paced career and computer training in digital media and design, today introduced Expression Web Essential Training, to coincide with Microsoft’s recently published design tool.

Microsoft’s Expression Web represents the company’s first web authoring tool that supports web standards, CSS design, and the integration between design and development teams. From understanding the concept of smart web design, to creating, editing, and maintaining a web site, instructor Joe Marini, Group Product Manager at Microsoft, shares his insider tips for real-world web site design using Expression Web. From creating forms and tables, creating and modifying templates, making sites accessible, using CSS and XML data, to creating dynamic pages and publishing a site, Joe demonstrates how to use Expression Web through each stage of a web site’s design and development. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

So, some of you may be interested in checking out the tutorials at Enjoy if you do.