W3C Workshop Report: Keeping Privacy Promises

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The following is just in today from BusinessWire:

Privacy Experts Suggest Approaches for Managing Personal Information

W3C logohttp://www.w3.org/–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today W3C published a Privacy Workshop Report and minutes that recommend next steps for keeping privacy promises when exchanging sensitive information on the Web. Privacy and access control experts from America, Australia, Asia and Europe met in October 2006 in Ispra, Italy to study Web privacy issues and solutions. W3C would like to thank the Joint Research Center of the European Commission for hosting that Workshop on Languages for Privacy Policy Negotiation and Semantics-Driven Enforcement.

“The joint effort to organize this event and the active contribution of the participants on a high scientific level demonstrated the importance of the subject,” said Jan Löschner, Head of Cyber Security at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center. “I appreciated the constructive atmosphere of the Workshop to discuss privacy issues and wish to see proposed solutions being implemented and used in the future.”

Read the entire release here.