On Being Too Connected

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Have you ever felt too connected to the world because of all of these devices we have?  As designers, we need to learn to take breaks as well.  This is especially true as virtually anywhere now can become a work place.  I can set up shop anywhere in my home.  I can set up shop with coffee at a bookstore, thanks to Wi-Fi.  Even our local library now offers free Wi-Fi.

And it works well.

That’s part of the reason I resist moving to anything beyond DSL and Wi-Fi at this point in my life.  I don’t know how my world would change if I could suddenly set up shop anywhere.  Anywhere.  The town swimming pool could become yet another place for me to sit and design web pages, or work on eNews, or anything else.  I hardly remember the days of playing solitaire on Windows 3.1 any more.

Remember solitaire?

I remember setting up my first bulletin board on OS/2.  Yes, it was also called, “The Shire,” and I got to the point where I connected to FidoNet, and had a blast.  It was fun play, and I learned tons.  But, it also took time.

So, sometimes, it’s all about taking time off.  Working at home, the days can turn into evenings, weekends can disappear.  Sometimes we need to step back.