SEO Tip #1: Identify Your Web Images

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This is a simple SEO [Search Engine Optimization] tip. The first for our list.

Please, PLEASE, identify your images every way you can.

For me, this usually means first creating a relevant file name. For example, 101303.jpg tells the search engines nothing.

This, however, says something about your photo:


That’s the title of the image that headlines this post.

Mayor John Ostenburg named his photograph “Laughing Buddha” when he sent it to eNews Park Forest for publication on his Web site. We determined that his name was relevant to the picture as well.

John considers himself a “Buddhist Catholic,” which we understand, believe it or not. But we wanted his picture to turn up in the search engines when people searched for the name “John Ostenburg.”

Search for John Ostenburg images and look what turns up first on Google.t

Identify your images carefully.

eNews Park Forest’s Happy Buddha picture of John.